Denver South FMC is now affiliated with the Wyoming Federation of Music Clubs

Important Update!  As of November 2018, Several Colorado-based senior clubs (and their respective junior clubs) are now affiliated with the state of Wyoming.  This is an administrative change that will not change the location of Denver South Festivals.  Denver South Festivals and the other Wyoming-affiliated senior clubs will still be held in Colorado.

For more information about the Wyoming Federation of Music Clubs contact Jodie Jensen (

Your Wyoming Federated Board of Directors

Pres. TBA
Vice Pres. Janet Ali
Secretary Stephanie Morrison
Treasurer Karen Greenhalgh
American Music/ Arts Ruth Fleming
Publicity Maria Ali
Junior Division Jodie Jensen
State Rep to the NFMC Board: Linda King

Area Festival Dates for our WFMC Festivals:

Ft. Collins
February 2, 2019 at CSU-Ft. Collins University Arts Center
Colorado Springs
February 23, 2019 at the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS on Centennial Blvd.
Denver South
March 16 at Littleton High School, Littleton Colorado
Indy South
March 1 at Franklin College in Greenville Indiana

Stillman Kelley Competition

Jodie Jensen Chair
Date for application: January 29. This will give you time to work with the upload system before the actual due date of February 1.

NFMC Junior Composer Contest

Rachael Hutchings Chair
Date for application: January 10. This will give you enough time to work with the application and upload your files just in case.

Maralyn Caldwell Piano Competition

National competition with no state chair
Be wise and apply at least two days before
March 1.
Please press the buttons below for the appropriate competition for links to the applications, upload of video, PDF or Sound files (depending on the competition your students wish to enter.)
For those in our organization who know of students who would like to enter one of the NFMC competitions, but do not have teachers who are members of Wyoming, please forward this e-mail to them.
***Please note that last year’s blog post about Denver South FMC being administratively affiliated with the CFMC no longer applies.  As of November 2018, Denver South FMC is now affiliated with Wyoming’s state chapter, not Colorado’s state chapter.***


Denver South FMC is a Senior Music Club, but what exactly is a Senior Music Club?

Are you a music teacher or performing arts supporter who is new to Federation?  What exactly is the Federation?

cropped-cropped-denver-south-logo1.jpgHere’s how it works:  the Denver South FMC is a local chapter of the Colorado Federation of Music Clubs, which basically consists of local chapters.  These local chapters are identified as “Senior Clubs,” where the adults are the club members who function as “club counselors” for their respective Junior Clubs (their group of students).  Each Senior Club picks theirs own name, and our club’s name is Denver South.

Sometimes two or more Senior Club counselors will join their teaching studios together to form a joint Junior Music Club.  Each Junior (“student”) Music Club also picks a club name and typically has junior level club officers. Junior Clubs can submit a list of their yearly activities for points and recognition at the National level.  Some of their civic and community work throughout the year has been really impressive!

The Colorado FMC is a state club of the National FMC.  When you join Federation, you will join as a national member, a state member and also as a member of a local chapter (Senior Club).

Senior club members don’t have to join just one chapter.  For example,  some music teachers who have students in various parts of Colorado might join several chapters so that their students can participate in a festival nearest to their home location.  Also,  Senior Clubs have a variety of missions, not just hosting youth performance events: some of them are geared solely toward hosting concerts, fundraising for scholarships, or function as a social music-lovers club, for example.

Each chapter is different, and here in Colorado, we have 8 local FMC Senior Clubs that host non-competitive festivals.  You can see a list of the Senior Clubs and their activities here.  Then in April of each year, after all of the non-competitive festivals are wrapped-up, Colorado hosts a state-level competitive festival for students who earned a Superior rating at their local junior festival.

Federation Junior Composers Contest

junior-composer-poster-copy.pngHow to enter

1. Mail the application and the $30 entry fee to Rachael Hutchings, the contest chairperson no later than Jan. 15, 2018Late entries will NOT be accepted. You can find her mailing address here.

2. Then email a .pdf and mp3 recording of the composition together with a copy of your completed application to Rachael Hutchings, the contest chairperson at, by Jan. 15, 2018Late entries will NOT be accepted.  More information about the contest is available here.

Each Federated state has a Junior Composers Contest that operates independently from  Junior Festival performance events.  State Winners are announced by March 1st.

If the student’s composition wins at the State level, then their compositions are  forwarded automatically to the Regional competition.  There are 5 Federation Regions in the U.S. and Colorado is in the Western Region.  The Regional Winners are determined by April 1st.  Some of the categories include cash prizes.

Regional Winners’ compositions are then automatically forwarded to the National level of the contest, which is the final round.  Winners of the National level are typically announced on or around May 1st.  Many of the categories includes cash prizes, and winners have been featured in NFMC Junior Keynotes magazine.

For more information about the Colorado Federation of Music Clubs Junior Composers Contest, visit  You can also read more about the contest on the National (NFMC) website here:  All three levels of the contest (State-Regional-National) are explained more in the contest rules.



Getting Ready for Junior Festival

Have your students started practicing their pieces for the Denver South 2018 Junior Festival yet?  Here are just a few of the categories from recent festivals:

  • Piano solo, concerto, duet, duo, quartet/ensemble
  • Violin solo, viola solo, cello solo
  • Fiddle solo
  • Vocal solo
  • Music theory
  • Dance

However, did you know that the Federation Festivals Bulletin contains categories for practically ALL the instruments and dozens of performing arts categories?  There are literally hundreds of categories for students to participate in!